The Messika Vision

Contemporary Fine Jewelry

Since its origins, Maison Messika has succeeded in combining the timelessness of the diamond with a modern touch. Diamond jewelry in a contemporary style to be worn every day.


A Free and Bold Designer

From its very first collections, the jewels that took shape in Valérie’s imagination and in the skilled hands of her artisans, goldsmiths, stone cutters and setters were exciting and exuberant, revolutionary yet underpinned with a deep reverence for her legacy, and driven by her personal passion for the king of gems.

Much of Valérie’s inspiration comes from art, playing with a Calder sculpture in her father's office, absorbing from his collection various details of line, movement, colour, composition, which have shaped her overall sense of form and proportion. Inspiration clearly also comes from street style, imbuing Messika jewellery with a dynamic urban beat. She draws inspiration too from fashion, haute couture, and from the great classical themes of jewellery history, which are contemporised and rejuvenated through her vision.


Jewelry In Movement

In all her designs Valérie Messika aims to create a sense of volume, movement, and sensual fluidity. Very important to her is the ergonomic comfort: “A jewel has to stay in place. Our cuff is made to fit everyone perfectly. Women should forget they’re wearing expensive jewels; they must be able to move naturally, walk, dance, run, work.”



Each piece is developed around the idea of comfort, to allow freedom of movement. Messika creates singular pieces that ring the changes with a suppleness that liberates vitality and energy.



An uninhibited approach to working with diamonds, with audacity and lightness of spirit. The setting disappears, pieces are hollowed out, sculpted or pierced. Threads of diamonds come together to create exercises in style that are both delicate and airy.



From the unconditional purity of the diamond, to the clean designs that enhance it, Messika is always in search of the essential.



Technical innovation aims to break down the barriers between the diamond and the body, for sensory contact with each piece. Messika pays tribute to feminine grace, through fluidity of form and curve of movement.