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Version of 05/23/2018

What is a cookie?

Information about your browsing can be stored on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone) by the browser software you use to view the website: (the "Site").

In particular, this information allows us to optimise and customise use of the Site and be aware of the Site's performance for the lifetime of the cookie, or for as long as it is stored, namely a maximum of thirteen months.

You are informed about the use of these cookies upon arrival at the Site. You may refuse or accept these cookies, or request that they be disabled, by changing your web browser settings. Changing the settings may change how the Site works. Continuing to browse the Site implies acceptance of the MESSIKA cookies and your acknowledgement that you understand the terms of its cookie policy.

When using the Site, third parties may collect information about your device which enables them, in particular, to identify areas of interest through the products viewed or purchased on the Site. MESSIKA has no control over the collection of such information by third parties and is in no way responsible for the processing of this information.

Below you will find more information about cookies and how to manage your cookie preferences.


The cookies issued by our site

There are two main categories of cookies:

  •  Cookies strictly necessary for the functioning of the Site

These cookies enable you to use the Site's main features such as storing your product selection in your cart. These cookies help you browse the Site and are required to make online purchases.

  • Third-party cookies used by a third-party service provider on our Platform which can be used to detect your device when it visits other websites. Third-party cookies are generally used for advertising purposes or to analyse the sites in question.

The Site only uses the following types of cookies on your device:

Cookie Policy

Manage your cookie preferences

You can define your cookie preferences by changing your browser settings to prevent the Site cookies from being saved on your device. To do so, follow the instructions given by your browser (usually described in the help menu for each browser):

In Internet Explorer 8.0 and later:

  • Go to the "Settings" menu, then "Advanced"
  • Select the desired privacy level with the cursor.

In Mozilla Firefox:

  • Select the "Tools" menu and then "Options"
  • Click the "Privacy" icon
  • Locate the "History" "Site Details" menu and select the desired options.

In Chrome:

  • Select the "Settings" menu
  • Click "More tools" and go to the "Privacy & Security" paragraph
  • Click "Content settings" and then on "Cookies”

In Opera:

  • Select the "File" menu and then "Preferences"
  • Click the "Privacy" icon
  • Define your privacy settings

In Android:

  • Press the top right button
  • Go to "Settings" and then "Privacy"
  • Define your privacy settings

In Dolphin on Android:

  • In the menu, go to "More" and then "Settings"
  • Select the "Privacy" menu and then "Security"
  • Define your privacy settings in the "Cookies" menu

In Safari in iOS:

  • Go to the "Settings" application and select "Safari"
  • Go to "Accept cookies" in the "Privacy" section
  • Define your privacy settings