2018 Christmas Wishlist
04 December 2018
The Guide
2018 Christmas Wishlist

What if, this year, Christmas reminded you of when you were a child? Write a wish list that sparkles with the most precious of all stones, the diamond. Anxiously waiting for the moment to finally arrive, then joyfully opening THE gift. An on-trend couture creation, a piece of jewelry for oneself, an accessory for every moment. Structured, light, bold or glamourous, Messika diamond jewelry is entirely made by hand. It instantly enhances your outfit and asserts your style. Which would you choose?

Here is a selection of diamond jewelry to help you shine when celebrating throughout the festive season.

This is M


Enigmatic, your arrival draws the eye and always earns admiration. Your posture, majestic. Your elegance, refined: unrivalled style that is naturally seductive. Your predilection for the finer things is innate. Amongst Valérie Messika’s favourite pieces are bangles, which over time have become signature pieces of the Maison.

Focus on...
The Move Noa Pavé bangle wraps around your wrist like a white gold ribbon in a contemporary design. Set with three diamonds that move, symbolic of the past, present and future love that you share with your friends and family, on this special night at Christmas.

Move Noa Pavé Bangle in white gold: from 10 500€ 


Christmas, you like it to be stylish and warm. You like to cut to the heart of the matter, clean lines inspire you. Diamond jewelry is your companion, it never leaves you, it is your second skin that reflects simplicity and purity, which matters to you.

Focus on...
Hypnotic, the Glam’Azone diamond ring plays with contrasts. The oval-shaped diamond in the centre is enhanced by a surrounding set with diamonds. In its two-row pavé version, the Glam'Azone ring plays on both a bold design coupled with timeless elegance: a diamond ring that is definitely on-trend for those Christmas and New Year’s parties.

Glam’Azone 2 rows pavé ring in pink gold: 3 100€ 


You are independent and flout conventions. Christmas will be magical for those you love, and will also be a time to enjoy. You love the boldness of neo-worn and stylish diamond jewelry: its design has a hypnotic quality to it. The capsule jewelry collection exclusively co-created with the radiant Gigi Hadid, has been designed with you in mind!

Focus on...
Stylish and modern, these diamond earrings give a new interpretation of the Move design: rock with salient angles as if cut with a knife. This pair of dangly earrings will quickly become your favourite piece of everyday jewelry. Please note: this is a limited edition!

Move Addiction Earrings in pink gold: 1 680€