14 November 2018
When fairytales become reality

In a space bathed in natural light, as if it were suspended under the Parisian sky, is the Messika Atelier. In various places, you can smell the fresh scent of white roses. On a shelf there are beautiful books on art and fashion photography revealing the source behind some of Valérie Messika’s inspiration. Only the patinated grey benches remind us that we are in a place that is almost sacred. Here, the spirit of the Maison is embodied by fifteen craftsmen who sculpt their work in the same way fashion designers tailor their creations in a Haute Couture workshop. The high jewelry necklaces, chains and finery created by the Maison have a perfect drape that naturally follows the curves of every woman.

This is M

Haute Couture Jewelry

High Jewelry is to jewelry what haute couture is to clothes. It has a magical quality to it that is sustained by the same rapture and magnetism. A world of fabrics that has always fascinated Valérie Messika. Ethereal finesse, silky transparency, challenges that only the hands of master craftsmen can rise to, since it is about being able to work with the hardest materials, diamonds and gold, without compromising on the comfort of the piece. The craftsmen sculpt the material, cut the metal and adjust the stones until the piece of jewelry is ready to be worn. In this temple of bespoke jewelry, there is always a sense of wonder.

The Kashmir necklace, The Arabian Nights

A scarf of 439 oval diamonds, enhanced by the complexity with which their different sizes are layered and 2 triangular diamonds, totalling 116.6 carats. The expertly entangled stones both above and below allude to the suppleness of the diamond fabric. All brilliantly designed by the jewelers of the Maison. The diversity of the stones weaved in staggered rows in this sublime jewelry creation has taken almost 800 hours of work. Valérie Messika imagined the softness of a fabric of diamonds on the skin, enhanced by a sparkling triangular brooch elegantly containing the precious material. For the Arabian Nights collection, neo-worn necklaces, pendant earrings, creoles and rings are studded with myriads of diamonds like stars in the night sky.

Over the years, this is how the imaginary and the extraordinary permeate reality. A fairytale which propels Messika into the ranks of the High Jewelry maisons.