Gigi x Valérie
01 January 1970
Gigi x Valérie

Movement! This concept symbolises the vision of the iconic Messika collection, Move, over the past ten years. A glittering decade that ended in triumph with a shock collaboration: Valérie Messika and Gigi Hadid. This creative partnership was the launch pad for a very couture-style fine jewellery collection and new must-have pieces for diamond devotees. The rocky interpretation breaks free from traditional styles with the occasional hint of punk and the elegance of classic jewellery. We shine the spotlight on the exclusive pair in a joint interview with Valérie Messika and Gigi Hadid, one of the world's most fashionable stars.

This is M

You worked together closely for five months. How would you describe this collaboration?

Gigi Hadid: from the second I met Valérie, I knew we'd make some gorgeous jewellery together. She wears jewellery in a very personal way with an individual style that really inspired me. She completely understood what I wanted in fine jewellery. Her sketches showed very chic, timeless pieces, most of which were suitable for everyday wear. I explained what was important to me: finesse, quality, ease of wear and pieces that sit perfectly on the body.

Valérie Messika: I loved working with Gigi. Her attention to detail and sharp eye for fashion won me over. I was overwhelmed by her peerless professionalism and commitment throughout the development process.

What was the result of this exploration?

Gigi Hadid: I love wearing jeans and a T-shirt and lifting them with a little diamond sparkle. The everyday pieces are delicate and stunning. They bring a touch of sophistication to any outfit. I'm quite casual and they make me feel 'dressed up' in anything. The collection's haute-couture pieces bring beauty and glamour to any silhouette.

Valérie Messika: strong designs, sharp cuts and prominent shapes. We came up with 17 pavé and non-pavé pieces in pink, white and yellow gold. The earrings pierce the lobes, the necklaces adapt endlessly and, alone or stacked, the rings and bracelets embody the signature Messika design. The choker is a strong, sensual piece where the motifs are depicted as links in a chain which coils several times around the neck.

This is M

Valérie, have you used unprecedented new techniques and materials in this capsule collection?

Valérie Messika: Gigi wanted an adjustable system and that's what we created. We developed a fastening system that allows the wearer to adjust the length of the necklace as desired. So one necklace can be worn a number of ways: a long version in the daytime and a rockier, more sensual choker in the evening.

What's your favourite piece?

Gigi Hadid: I'm in love with the choker. It makes any outfit look incredible!

Valérie Messika: The earrings were designed to resemble a piercing and appear to pass through the lobe.

Finally, describe the Messika woman 

Gigi Hadid: strong, self-confident and chic! 

Valérie Messika: Gigi is the embodiment of the Messika woman. She's spontaneous, radiant and sunny.

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