Joan Smalls Interview
23 October 2019
100% Glamorous
Joan Smalls Interview

« I just want to continue breaking down barriers and show everyone that you do not have to fit into a mold to be beautiful »

Valérie Messika

This is M

What kind of women wears Messika according to you?

Any woman who has good taste in jewelry.

Do you have a specific Jewelry or High Jewelry collection from Messika that really speaks to your personality and style?

I am in love with the pieces from the new jewelry diamond collection called Lucky Move. The diamond jewels are fun, playful, bold and I love to imagine that it brings me luck.

What makes Messika different from other Maison of jewelry ?

That Valérie Messika understands fashion and integrates it with her jewelry design. And a lot of her diamond luxury jewels are timeless which I think is one of the most important characteristics to have in jewelry because you never want to get tired of it.

What is an important characteristic for a jewelry diamond jewel ?

That I feel its unique to me and accentuates my skin complexion.

How was the Messika campaign shooting for you ? Did you know each other before?

I’ve worked with Kate before. It was my first time with Sylvia. The shoot was fun and I love working with Mert & Marcus they always make you feel so empowered and you feel safe that your image will be the best.

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