Kate Moss Interview
03 October 2019
The ultimate Idol
Kate Moss Interview

« Kate Moss is an icon in the fashion industry. She symbolizes everything I love - edgy, bold, daring, a woman » 

Valérie Messika.

This is M

What kind of women wears Messika according to you?

Young, fashionable women.

Do you have a specific Jewelry or High Jewelry collection from Messika that really speaks to your personality and style?

Move bangles and the new Jewelry collection Lucky Move pendants which are fun and good to play with.

How do your rock’n’roll sensibilities translate to the Maison Messika narrative?

Really well, I think their diamond jewelry is classical with a modern twist and for such fine jewelry it is still very rock’n’roll.

What makes Messika different from other Maison of jewelry ?

It has a young aesthetic with a modern feel.

What is an important characteristic for a jewelry diamond jewel ?

Something that is comfortable and that you can wear everyday anytime – from day to night.

How was the Messika campaign shooting for you ? Did you know each other before?

SO much fun, there was a great energy on set. I’ve met Joan before but not Sylvia, both were lovely to work with.

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