Neo Stacking Trend
15 November 2018
Neo Stacking Trend

Accumulation, juxtaposing or neo stacking, whatever you call it, the art of mixing your jewelry has a grand effect. Often used in the summer on amber-coloured skin in a modern hippy style, it is now a go-to trend that will showcase a simple dress or a black top. Perfect matches, magical rings, it all depends on your imagination and your mood. Have fun with your bracelets, rings and pendants. The main thing is to enjoy composing a multitude of variations in gold with or without diamonds, endlessly interchangeable.

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Rings Stacking

Neo stacking calls for piling jewelry and new-wear. Colours, shapes, designs and sizes lend themselves to mixing marvelously, try alternating bands, wedding rings and solitaire rings. White, pink and yellow gold rings are made to go together. Your engagement ring will not be outshined. For a long time, your thumb and index finger were overlooked, yet the most important pieces can be worn gracefully on those forgotten fingers. Jewels of character, they incarnate trendy looks, the Glam’Azone ring can be worn on two knuckles whereas the MyTwin three fingers takes over the index, middle finger and ring finger all at once ! Oval, emerald and pear cut diamonds are airy. And the final touch is a flawless manicure.

Bracelets Stacking

Wrists come to life in the a ballet of light, the sparkle of the stones will dance to the rhythm of your movements. Raw, natural, woven materials become precious with golds and diamonds. Mix them up with the fine Skinny bangles, Joy bracelets chains, Messika Move bangle bracelets, diamond cuffs paved with diamonds or without diamonds. Do not curb your creativity.

Your men have not been left out. Chic and rock mixtures are the easiest to wear, even day to day. Two or three bracelets for men are enough to set the tone. Alternate the suppleness, the rigidity and the colours of the cords with the gold plates, the Messika Move Titanium collection of jewelry for men is available in shades of grey to black and covers all acts of boldness with rings for men as well.

Necklace stacking

The layering of necklaces has an immediate radiant effect on the neckline and neck. Pendants, medallions and talismans can go together in a string of sizes, stones and different golds. The layering of longer lengths, from the choker to the necklace, dresses any garment with sensuality.

In any case, have fun, mix seventies or old coloured jewelry with your collection. The purity of the diamonds and the timeless style of Messika creations lend themselves perfectly to this trendy combination

Neo Stacking Trend